London’s Wedding Cakes: Blossom & Crumb 18/03/2016

Wedding Cakes by London confectionery Blossom & Crumb

At last weeks most Curious Wedding Fair, we met the lovely Megan who was their with her confectionery business Blossom & Crumb. She produces super-sweet wedding cakes in the best flavours: From Earl Grey Tea with lavender to coconut and caramel. She started her business in 2015, but has already been making cakes for the prestigious Little Venice Cake Company for 10 years. Megan caters for all happy days but weddings are her favourite. So we thought we’d get her opinion on weddings, cakes, and everything around it.

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What is your favourite moment of a wedding?

I should probably say the cake cutting but it’s actually the vows. The reception obviously gives you an amazing opportunity to express who you are and celebrate with friends and family but the planning can be all-consuming and I think the wonderful intensity of the ceremony can often take couples by surprise as they have been so involved in the finer points of place settings and table plans that they forget what they are going to be promising each other in front of all their loved ones. It’s an incredible, deeply emotional moment and really what it is all about.

What is the most common mistake that people make at their weddings?

Getting super drunk! After all the stress and nerves it is very easy to have one too many but I would say save any excess until the very end of the day. You want to remember the day you have spent planning for so long after all!

What is a must have for every wedding?

I have a vested interest but I would say don’t miss out the cake! Marriage is the start of a life long journey together and cutting the cake is symbolically the first act you do together as a married couple. And of course everyone then gets to eat it so tradition and tastiness in one.


What trend should see a comeback?

Square cakes. It’s been all about round cakes for some time but with the trend for sharp edges you can get achieve a very clean, geometric look with square.

Which is the ideal type of cake for a wedding?

For me the most important thing about a wedding is that it is unique to you. I love going to weddings where the personalities of the bride and groom shine through. It should be the same with the cake. If you are maximalists then go to town with ganache drips, macarons, meringues and even doughnuts or if you like a more classic style then perhaps a clean white canvas with sugar flowers will say more about who you are. So I don’t think there is one ideal. Every couple’s perfect cake will be different.

What trends are coming for the food on weddings?

I can speak most knowledgeably about cake. We’ve moved past the point where sponge cake was considered to be a radical alternative to rich fruit cake. Couples now are willing to really push the boundaries with their cake flavours. I am finding it is more alternative flavours such as London Fog (earl grey sponge with vanilla bean swiss meringue buttercream and lavender scented milk chocolate ganache) and Persian Love (white chocolate mud cake with cardamon, cinnamon and almonds with rose scented cream cheese buttercream) that are being most requested for tastings. 


Any new ideas no one knows about yet?

I am very keen to expand the free from side of my work. You don’t eat a wedding cake every day so I think the magic combo of flour, sugar, butter and eggs will always have a place but I do think there will be an ever-increasing desire from couples for a cake that reflects the way they eat. I have an idea that I would like to be able to offer grain free, refined sugar free, dairy free wedding cakes and also vegan wedding cakes that taste amazing and look just as beautiful as a traditional cake. Perhaps making use of the natural world for decorations. That is definitely an idea that is going round and round in my mind and when I next have time to do some recipe testing that is definitely the area that I will be exploring.

Candy bar or Mimosa Bar?

Mimosa Bar. You will obviously be staying perfectly sober (see above) but that’s no reason to stop your guests liberally toasting the occasion!

Thank you Megan for the entertaining answers!

Check Blossom & Crumb’s website out here or follow her on Instagram @blossomandcrumb

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