Cascade bouquets are back! 07/03/2016

Some of you may remember cascade bouquets  from the 80’s and 90’s, when Princess Diana made this style of wedding bouquets famous.

cascade bouquets

They are a modern version of the shower bouquet, which came about in 1910 and reached its peak in the 20s and 30s. But guess what, the trailing bouquets are having a revival. Every season, several florists come up with more and more beautiful ideas. From bouquets only made of greenery, to tulips, and peonies – everything goes in a cascade bouquet. Here are our 15 favourites:

The Vintage trail:

Romantic and dreamy – this is the look for these kind of bouquets.

The colourful cascade bouquets:

A lot of them are perfect for Spring and Fall weddings, with their shining colours and different red and pink shades.

cascade bouquets

The pastel classics:

Probably the most instagram-able choice. A lot of florists also go with the current grey trend.

cascade bouquets

by Sylvie Gil and featured on Style Me Pretty

cascade bouquets

by Niikole Ramsay Photographer

The all-white’s:

Some brides just don’t want to take the attention away from their dress and like it simple.

And last but not least (and really dreamy) the over-size cascades:

These cascade bouquets definitely make a statement. Hard to throw, but beautiful to look at.



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