What to wear under your wedding gown 18/02/2016

Still need inspiration to wear under your gown? Planning the day of your life can be stressful enough, so we put some inspiration and tips together, to help you out.

1. Body

A body is perfect for classic, voluminous dresses but can also be worn under some seamless dresses. Especially if it’s a body like this, that’s made out of silk and lays flat and smooth.

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thebracloset.com, £60

2. Backless Bodysuit

More and more brides fall in love with backless wedding gowns. We admit: A bodysuit, like this one from Asos, isn’t the sexiest thing to show your loved one in your first night as husband and wife, but it definitely is the most helpful one. While leavig your back free, it holds everything in place and also helps to shape your body.



3.  Classic Shaewear

Shapewear is the classic strategy under dresses that highlight specific bodyparts, and a lot of brides are big fans of everything Spanx. Sometimes we just need a little help.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-12 um 00.47.16


4.  Smooth Lace Thong

If it’s a thong that is made from flat lace, you can wear it under the most dresses. But if you have a dress that is made from thicker fabrics and is voluminous, you can wear any lingerie set you like. We absolutely adore this one from Etsy for example.


etsy.com, £48

5. Your favourite knickers

In the end it’s also about what you feel most comfortable in. If you wear a dress that isn’t see-through or lays really flat, you can sport your favourite knickers or thong and party the night away. It’s your day after all.

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