Smashing the glass – Muscat at White Gallery 01/06/2015

The White Gallery is like stepping through a vortex into bridal apparel future…an event showcasing the 2016 bridal collections of some of the finest UK and international bridal designers. In it’s sixth outing, The White Gallery took place at Battersea Evolution, in the heart of the magnificent Battersea Park, a beautiful tent, (well, tent is an understatement) a pavilion that was transformed into an exclusive and elegant showroom. With the event running three days, it offered access to a diverse variety of designers, runways and social lovelies.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with director and designer Kevin Muscat, a charismatic former dancer with a passion for shape and form, who has created a stunning new collection, for his label Muscat London, filled with versatility and feminine lines.

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