Muscat’s favourite love stories: Mario & Maria 15/02/2016

We at Muscat are obviously all over love and the “big day”. That’s why we’re always looking for beautiful stories to share with you, and this time Instagram user gian_p71 told us about his grandparents. They got married on the 29th of September in 1945, in Italy. Half of their hometown, Catania, was destroyed during the war, but they still managed to have a beautiful wedding and stayed married for 53 years. Here is their story:

My grandfather’s name was Mario, he was born in 1910 and died in 1998. My grandmother Maria, born in 1924, is still alive, even if a fracture of the femur caused her to a wheelchair. Their love story was definitely a great love story.
My grandmother, very sensitive to the male beauty, was immediately fascinated by her husband. 188 cm tall, with blond hair and blue eyes. She was 170 cm tall, with black hair and eyes. Their life was special. My grandmother was a teacher and came from a bourgeois middle class family, while my grandfather was a very wealthy merchant , with an ancient family history and business since the end of 1800.
Thanks to clever investments the family business was not suffering the crisis of the war and so in 1945 they were able to celebrate a momentous marriage for that time, with cars, drivers, and reception in a restaurant. They lived in comfort, in a beautiful and large apartment in the center of the city, which is still owned by the family. They had two daughters Lina (my mother) and Agata.

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